Case Studies

Automotive Interior Trim Clipping Machine

BAW was tasked with providing a solution for inserting Steel trim clips into plastic interior door trims for a high end German sports car manufacturer. The machine inserts complex formed clips onto a pre-moulded component. Not only does the machine insert the clips onto the component, but also ensures they are in the correct orientation, and all the necessary clips are present and fully fitted in the desired position.

How does BAW work with the customer to provide the desired solution?

Following the brief outline of the customer’s requirement, our design team works closely with the customer to provide multiple solutions all of which meet the customers’ demands. Following several on site project meetings with the customer, a preferred design is selected and this is then progressed to the concept design stage.

Once Approved, our design department then develops the concept design in detail, using the latest 3D software. Once completed, this is presented to the customer for approval. It is at this stage any additions, amendments and modifications can be made thus avoiding expensive alterations once manufacturing has commenced.

Following concept approval, manufacturing is then progressed through our machine shop where regular updates are provided to the customer. This ensures all aspects of project delivery are communicated and provides confidence that the production schedule will meet their requirements.

Following manufacturing, the machine is assembled with regular updates along with an open invitation to the customer to visit to monitor progress at any time.

Where possible, once the machine is completed, we prefer to carry out trials “in house” along with the customer or end user (usually the customer’s machine operative); this ensures machine performance is as required with quality and cycle times being of particular importance and meets the agreed specification.

Upon delivery, we provide operator training along with any relevant technical training to the customer’s Maintenance Technicians. All documents, including operating manuals, software programs, spare part listings, and any CE Marking related documents are provided as part of the handover, copies of which are kept here at BAW for future reference.

It is this level of attention to detail that ensures BAW is widely recognised as first class Special Purpose Machine builders providing solutions that meet the customer’s requirements first time, every time..