Oil / Gas

BAW Precision Engineering understands that machining various valve components is not easy. In fact, the variety of materials such as Inconel, Super Duplex and Hastelloys present themselves as a challenge, and it is understanding these materials and the way they machine which invariably leads to the superior finish that valve manufacturers demand.

In the tough environment of the oil & gas industry, where valve performance is crucial, BAW has invested in a new Mazak ‘quick turn’ Nexus 400 turning centre (600mm diameter x 2 metre lengths) to meet the increasing demand for medium sector valves. With the new lathe, BAW has increased its turning capacity to machine bodies, shafts and discs. With 5 Axis capability, BAW can accommodate disc seals in butterfly valves and complex valve profiles.

With over 15 years’ experience in valve machining, BAW has become the preferred choice of internationally recognised valve manufacturers in both the surface and sub-sea markets, and tends to specialise in the smaller end of the valve market, up to and including 16″ process valve bodies (depending on design) and their associated components.